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"The number of IT attacks targeting a third of corporations has risen by 5% on a global scale compared to last year. Thus, 70% of them are making IT security one of their top priorities, and 93% of them are also increasing their expenses on the matter."
Every year 2,5-3 million new virus networks are created which today, do not only hold multinational companies in their crosshairs but 15% percent of the incidents are also targeting public institutions.
Cybercrime has outgrown itself into the most massive „industry”. It makes 400 billion dollars a year and means considerable economic disadvantage for companies measured in serious numbers.
Our company offers full scale information and data protection solution:
In addition to classic IT security services, QUADRON ensures the planning and development of the data protection system. Moreover the setup and configuration of the software and the maintenance, operation of information protection systems complying with the requirements.
"Individual employees may accidentally deliver protected data unwittingly, when for example they install spyware on their computers while browsing one of the most visited news sites."

Cybercrime has outgrown itself into one of the most massive industries worldwide. Making Billions off Individuals, institutions and corporations, the economic disadvantages for companies measure in serious numbers.

Q-Square Cyber Security offers full scale Information and Data Protection Solutions. A combined venture between Kuwait's leading Total Solutions Provider - Qualitynet, and Hungary's IT & Technology Security experts - Quadron, Q-Square aims to help you plan and develop your Data Protection Strategy and Solution, tailor made to address your needs today,­ tomorrow and for the future. Explore our unique and flexible portfolio of Industry-defining solutions, and experience service levels from experienced professionals who are here to help you against Cybercrime.


The number of devices connecting to corporate networks have multiplied in recent years.
Laptops, smartphones, portable multimedia devices, electronic storage - so the company and personal devices altogether „join” the corporate network. The appropriate lifecycle handling, management and protection of these devices is essential to ensure firm IT security and business-continuity, so the corporate data assets remain unharmed.


The majority of corporate data assets appear in a digitalized form in the IT infrastructure. Through this current, known and unknown threats may endanger the data. In order to prevent and avoid compromise, it is worth to apply technical tools like network intrusion prevention, continuous traffic surveillance or regulation enforcement.


The prerequisite of efficient protection against cyber-attacks is a developed IT security strategy, which is in harmony with the business goals of the company and takes the relating legal regulations into consideration. The goal of our consultants is to offer help to our clients in basic IT security tasks (like preparation of statutes, auditing, definition and analysis of risk levels, environment development, vulnerability inspection) and to give clues on handling business risks.


Those corporations which possess risk management processes, experience, systems and departments, periodically or in the case of an incident may call for our services with which they can test the „incident response” capacities of the corporation. And which facilitate the isolation, roll up, detection (code analysis forensics) of an event that has already occurred.

"We are sure that information for your company is an asset of utmost importance, that is why our company develops the protection strategy of your corporation, in the course of a personal consultation, and that is why we offer the most up to date security systems tailored to the needs of your company."
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Experience of the past few years show that the industry incorporating the firewall and antivirus software is also undergoing a significant change here in Hungary. As in economic life the greatest value is represented in information the raison d'etre and significance of data protection is appreciated in value.

This is where QUADRON Cybersecurity Ltd. enters the picture as the new player on the market of information technology.
The goal of QUADRON is to appear on the IT data protection market with the broadest range of products in the industry, to offer unique, flexible and the highest level of service to responsible leaders who do not like to lose their competitive advantage and their clients to a malicious cyber-attack.
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