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About Us

Quadron’s solutions are advanced, optimized and customized to meet the security needs of your business. Our strategic plans and cybersecurity solutions are both scalable and versatile. As a premier cybersecurity company in Hungary, we are committed to making your systems failsafe and robust.

·     Cybersecurity is a growing concern for all businesses, isn’t it?
·     Are you unsure and concerned about not acting on Cybersecurity?
·     Are you trying to figure out how to justify the cost of 
·     Are you concerned about the cost to your business, should there 
      be a breach or an attack?
·     Are you losing business due to lack of Cybersecurity Compliance 
      & Certifications?

The perfect answer to these questions is QUADRON. We are one of the leading cybersecurity firms offering radical, innovative and protective solutions and strategies.

Our Hungarian Cybersecurity consulting firm’s objective is to apply comprehensive Cybersecurity to your architecture so that vulnerabilities and risks can be mitigated while newer threats never get to your core, edge or cloud systems.

Founded in 2014, Quadron Cybersecurity Services is one of the leading information security services and internet security companies in Hungary, with a footprint in Europe, Africa, the Gulf Co-operation Council and the United States of America with a 100% founder-owned and highly talented pool of manpower. Our mission is to increase Cybersecurity awareness amongst all our customers, protect them from cyber-attacks by providing them consultancy and services by assessing their infrastructure and applications.

Providing the highest quality cybersecurity services in Hungary, Quadron diligently follows the CIA triad (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) to ensure that all our customers receive the utmost trustworthy services at all times. Our next-generation approach is essential for effectively defending today’s highly dynamic Cybersecurity environments – not only by providing consistent enforcement across highly flexible perimeters but by also weaving security deep into the network itself! Our strategy tightly integrates an organization’s network infrastructure and security architecture, enabling the network to scale and change without compromising security!

Quadron is very deeply involved in the sector of education by working with young talented engineers to create a product or a service that supports the information security platforms. We also offer a variety of training to different levels in the hierarchy of each organization and customize them as per the need of the employee and the business.